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Laskaris is proud to announce the launch of its new website Laskaris.com. The site has come to life as a result of hours of strategy and design consultation with the Laskaris team.

Whilst not offering any customer facing services at present, the new Laskaris website is focused on the Laskaris brand itself and embodies what Laskaris hopes to present to its customers in the future; class, professionalism and a sense of exclusivity. 

laskaris favicon

On the home page, the website presents Laskaris’s mission statement which is to present a highly reformed banking experience with technology at heart. Furthermore, the site highlights Laskaris’s vision to offer a customer centric experience driven by outstanding technology and a team with years of banking industry experience.

The home page also showcases partners of a strategic and technical level, who are working with the company to enable and enhance its offering upon launch.

The website delves into the European banking landscape, something that Laskaris aspires to become part of once it is granted with a banking license. There are also insights about Malta and its financial and banking sectors.

The Team page highlights the experienced talent that Laskaris prides itself of, showcasing its senior management team who each come with over 30 years of experience and knowledge within the banking and financial services sector.

The website in its current stage serves as an information portal, lightly touching upon what Laskaris aims to offer in the future but mostly sharing industry knowledge, updates and news via its news section, which is updated weekly. 

Ultimately the website showcases how Laskaris has grown as a company and what it has managed to achieve so far. Laskaris is continuously evolving and this website will do the same once the company becomes regulated and in a position to present its business offering to its customers, as well as launch new products.