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In this article we will dive into Laskaris joins the Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council

In this article we will be looking at the Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council (CWEIC); who they are, and what it means for Laskaris now that they have become a strategic partner.

Laskaris joins the Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council

The CWEIC was formed at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in 1997. It was originally devised by the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) with the aim of promoting trade and investment throughout the Commonwealth by facilitating engagement between governments and the private sector. The name CWEIC only came about in July of 2014.

Currently the CWEIC has over 90 businesses as strategic partners spread across 27 countries, and Laskaris is now proudly one of them. For a full list of strategic partners click here

The CWEIC has a mandate to facilitate trade and investment throughout the 54 member nations of the Commonwealth. Every two years they host the Commonwealth Business Forum in the host country of CHOGM and the Commonwealth chair-in-office. By hosting these forums and other events, the CWEIC has managed to bring together nearly 5,000 organisations at more than 150 events across the Commonwealth.

Since 2014 CWEIC has amassed a database of over 10,000 Commonwealth contacts including leading businesses to MSME’s, all with the express interest in doing more business within the Commonwealth. Central to CWEIC’s work is the understanding that businesses require a set of values under which trade and investment can take place; transparency; good governance; respect for the rule of law; enforceable physical and intellectual property rights; equal opportunities and a diverse workforce and an overarching understanding that financial probity from government and the private sector is key to a flourishing business environment.

Laskaris are thus proud to be officially recognised as a strategic partner of the CWEIC, and to be able to contribute towards future endeavors within the Commonwealth. To be named amongst some of the world’s biggest and most reputable companies is a major step upwards for Laskaris.

Laskaris is looking forward to build new connections and partnerships with other businesses within the Commonwealth, bring forth its network and connections within the Maltese landscape, and use the platform provided by CWEIC to be able to further achieve its business goals.